-The Spirit of Eternity Sword-
Romanization Eiennoaseria
永遠のアセリア -The Spirit of Eternity Sword-
Brand Xuse
Genre SRPG
Release date 2003/11/28
Price 8800 Yen
Rating 18+
Original (CD-ROM) 2003/11/28, ¥8800 (Windows)
DVD-ROM 2004/04/20, ¥8800 (Windows)

Titles Edit

  • 永遠のアセリア
  • Eien no Aselia
  • Eien no Aseria
  • Aselia of Eternal

Released Date Edit

PC (Adult) Edit

  • 永遠のアセリア-The Spirit of Eternity Sword-


  • 永遠のアセリア-The Spirit of Eternity Sword- DVD-ROM版


Playstation 2 (All Age) Edit

  • 永遠のアセリア―この大地の果てで―


Genre Edit

18+ 異世界 (Alternate World) ファンタジー (Fantasy) アドベンチャー (Adenture)
シミュレーションRPG (Simulation RPG) ロリ (Loli) 戦争 (War)
近親相姦 (Incest) 義妹 (Step Sister)

太刀捌き (Swordplay)

Game System Edit

ADV: Ongoing of story/plot


Choices Selection: Choosing different choices will change the characters' mind rate and heroines' love affection rate.

Battles Start: Start of fighting against other Spirits in battles.
Start Battles

Unit: Changing units in each team and moving the teams.

Battling: Fight against your enemies and advance into their territories. (Unit's Mind will decrease by 1 whenever you killed (not fought) an opponent)

Arrangement: Changing Skills and viewing status. (Heroine's avatar will change when affection rate changes)
Selecting Skills
Viewing Status

After Battle, back to the ADV.


A boy, filled with misfortunes in life. Lost in the foreign land, will this be another misfortune or a change in life?

A Girl, a Spirit, who exists to kill. Engulfed by confusions, while searching for the reason of existence and fighting. Encountered with the boy, will this forever changes her life?

The protagonist of the story, Takamine Yuuto (高嶺 悠人), adopted into the Takamine family after his parents died... A few years later, his step parents got killed in a plane crash, he once again lost his family. Together, he continue living with his step sister, Takamine Kaori (高嶺 佳織). While working and schooling at the same time, everyday seems pretty average. One day, together with his best friends, Midori Kouin (碧 光陰) and Misaki Kyouko (岬 今日子), and Kaori encountered a Miko in front of a shrine. In a flash of light, he then found himself in a forest. Before able to grip a hold of his situation, he was assaulted by a girl with a weapon in hand. When he thought all hopes are lost, a blue angel, descended from heaven, slaughtered the girl in an instant and saved Yuuto.

After the incident, Yuuto found himself in a cottage with a girl in green taking care of him. But with language differences, Yuuto couldn't communicate with her. Later, a soldier came into the cottage and bought him before the King. Next to the King, Kaori tied up by a collar and chain. The King then present Yuuto a sword called Motome (求め), and forces him to fight a war for him while holding Kaori in hostage. The Eternal Battle of life and death starts from hereon.

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